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We provide expert legal advice and representation in relation to all aspects of the Immigration process and can simplify what can often be a complex process.  We provide initial legal advice in an accessible way and given our detailed understanding of all aspects of Immigration law, we can assist you in making the strongest application possible.  We also provide expert legal advice and where necessary, legal representation, in circumstances where further legal action in your case may be necessary.  Our services are provided in a prompt and professional manner and we are available to guide you through the process attentively at every stage. 

The following are examples of some of the areas we cover:

Immigration Services:


Naturalisation applications;

Change of Status;

EU Treaty Rights;


Spouse or de facto partner of an Irish national;

Non-EEA national family members

Family Reunification (Persons granted International Protection);

Employment permits;

Travel Documents;


Non-EEA national parent of Irish citizen child

Immigrant Investor programme

Please note that we provide advice and representation in relation to all types of immigration applications

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