Change of Status application

A person who has been granted permission in the State under s. 4 of the Immigration Act 2004 is entitled to apply for a renewal or variation of that permission, in accordance with s. 4(7) of the 2004 Act, which provides:

“A permission under this section may be renewed or varied by the Minister, or by an immigration officer on his or her behalf, on application therefor by the non-national concerned.”

An application under s. 4(7) is ordinarily made to alter the nature of the Stamp granted.  For example, a person with a Stamp 3 permission may wish to seek Stamp 4 permission, in order to allow the person to work in the State.

Section 4(7) of the Immigration Act 2004 can only be relied on by the Minister in specific circumstances.  We can provide advice in relation to this.

In relation to persons in current permission but who fall outside of the undocumented scheme, we can provide advice and assistance in relation to a change of status application.